Brodie (clockworkmonkey) wrote in comedylab,

The wackiest place on Earth

It's finally here! The official web page of Cap'n Wacky World, Amalgamated Humor's world-famous vacation destination. Ready to visit the theme park that’s dreamier than Disneyland, more thrilling than Cedar Point, wetter than Sea World, knottier than Knott’s Berry Farm, and less bankrupt than Six Flags? Now you can online!

There's a lot to see at Cap'n World, especially at our flagship park, Five Point Park, so we'll be rolling out the site over the next month so as not to overwhelm you with joy. Go there now and check out the descriptions of attractions, shows, and dining locations in the Sea Point and Giftshop Point sections of the park.

In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal the rest of the park with Kiddie Point opening on January 22, Thrill Point on January 29, and Education Point and Lighthouse Court both opening on February 5th.

This has all been long in coming, and we're happy to finally share it with you. Tell your friends, and start planning your vacation to Cap'n Wacky World today!
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